Furniture Stores in Toronto

For those living in, and thinking about living in, Toronto, if can be difficult to know where to go for furniture.  Many times we need to update our style, or simply need to replace beaten up furniture we have had for many years.  Many furniture stores in Toronto provide varying furniture to meet the style needs of all different people.  We have compiled a list in order to find the furniture store in Toronto that meets your needs.

Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn is a highly accessible store option, as there are multiple furniture store locations in Toronto.  There are styles that meet the needs of everyone, as there are both casual looks, and more high scale contemporary looks available.  Available are tables, chairs, sofas, lamps, and even home accessories.

Bijan Interiors
Bijan is a great contemporary furniture store in Toronto.  With incredible designs available from well known designers, this is a great place to head for furnishing every living space in the house – from the bedroom to the dining room to the living room and more.  This store is known for its reasonable prices and is a popular destination for interior design enthusiasts.


Tora Home Design
As one of the largest furniture stores in Toronto, Tora Home Design provides an unbeatable amount of options.  There are 4 floors of furniture, most of which matches a modern home style.  There are even full sized show areas, including an entire furnished apartment.  The furniture is high quality and the business is environmentally conscious.  Sofas are all made in Canada, and mattresses are made with organic cotton.

Equilibrium is proud of their all-Canadian made products – a feature not popular in all furniture stores in Toronto.  From sofas to tables and chairs, this store has it all.  The store also has easy to check out options on their website.  It is a popular claim of customers that Equilibrium is great for finding you the perfect furniture at the budget you have in mind.

Angus and Company
This store covers many bases of style.  The store has beautiful design, and the products are long lasting.  Prices are a little steep, but the products at this furniture store in Toronto are high end and unique.

Inde-Art Design House
Trying to find the perfect furniture store in Toronto?  Imagine finding hand crafted wood furniture straight from India.  At Inde-Art Design House, that is exactly what you will find.  Products are made in sustainable ways, utilizing recycled material and making used of old wood.  This location is known for incredible kitchen cabinets that have ornate, hand carved designs.  Products can easily be seen on their website, making this a great store for those looking to purchase furniture that are not yet in town!

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