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Did you just move to Toronto and you need furniture for your new place? Or are you looking for a new look for your old place and don’t know where to start? Read on. You can get any kind of furniture in Toronto if you know where to look.

If it’s modern furniture you want, you’re in luck. Stylegarage in Ossington is housed in an old refurbished warehouse. The original floors have been restored to their former glory, sanded and polished to a fine shine, the perfect backdrop for the contemporary Canadian furniture they sell at Stylegarage. They also offer custom made furniture, but their forte is “Canadiana,” the use of local Canadian wood in their furniture and Canadian themes like the Great Lakes and fir trees on the textiles and pillows.

Or you could go the polar opposite of contemporary and seek out some antique furnishings. The recently renovated Hideaway Antiques carries antiques of all sorts, including, of course, furniture. If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt, you will be able to find some unique pieces of furniture here. They have industrial items, art deco items, and Victorian furniture. Their inventory is changing all the time as the owner is always in search of unique items, so, if they don’t have what you want now, check again in a couple weeks.

If Scandinavian designs with simple lines and minimalist design are your thing, Mjolk might be the store for you. Mjolk, pronounced Mi-yelk, sells furniture in addition to textiles like dish cloths and pillows, all of Scandinavian design. This store caters to families, instead of the young, single demographic so many furniture stores focus on. They sell many children’s items including wooden toys, tableware made just for kids, rocking chairs and bassinets in addition to the usual bookcases and tables. Though Mjolk specializes in Scandinavian merchandise, they recently began a unique crossover into Japanese items, noting the similarity of simplicity of form and function with the Scandinavian items. They are trying the combination out for now, but, if all goes well, they may end up dedicating an entire half of the store to the items of Japanese design. It is certainly a concept that sounds promising and certain to give fans of minimalism just the look they are looking for.

Let’s not forget salvage and reclaimed furniture. Smash has long been the favorite Toronto store for salvage and reclaimed items. Of all the stores, this just might be the most eclectic of all: it is chock full of unique items, some industrial based, and they even sell reclaimed wood so you can build your own one of a kind piece that you can hand down for generations after you to enjoy.

No matter what your personal preference is, Toronto has something to make you happy and give you the home of your dreams. Happy shopping!

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