Sofa Styles

When you are looking to get a sofa for your Toronto home, you want to make sure you are getting precisely what you need.  There are many different styles of sofa with different features, making it hard to know just what to get.  With all of the sofa stores in Toronto as well, it can be a challenge to head out and purchase a sofa without having an idea of what you desire first.

To clarify what the different types of sofas are, we have created a breakdown of some of the most popular options on the market.  This lays out the popular reasons for each and the general appearance features.  Let’s get your Toronto home the perfect sofa!

Sectionals are made up multiple parts.  Sectionals come with pieces to keep the separate parts of the sectional connected. The popular setups for sectionals are L-shaped and U-shaped.  Having visitors come to Toronto?  These sofas provide ample space to spread out and relax, and also make a great location for multiple guests to sleep if extra space is ever a necessity.

The English sofa has low arms, a high back, and tight upholstery.  The arms of the couch are rolled, and the entire couch is heavily cushioned.  The low arms on this couch style make the arms blend with the couch body, making it less noticeable.

Chaise Lounge
This is the option for many bedrooms.  If this name comes about, it is less likely to be a sofa option for modern living spaces.   If looking for a bedroom couch, this can be an excellent, space-efficient option.

Pull Out Sofa Bed
Pull out sofa beds are a great option for Toronto living.  Whenever a friend comes to stay or a visitor arrives, there is a bed ready and waiting for them – in the couch! The pull out sofa is different than a futon, as the back of the couch remains upright, while the rest of the couch opens up into a bed.

Futon Sofa

A futon sofa folds down into a bed.  Unlike that of a pull out sofa, the surface of the actual couch is used, and the couch back merely reclines to a flat position.  Often times, sectionals have futon sofa parts to them.  This is a great option for the Toronto family as it provides a quick and easy place for kids to sleep when friends come over!

A loveseat is a smaller sofa, made specifically for two people.  Many times, the loveseat will accompany a larger couch in the room.  There are different styles of loveseat that generally match the accompanying couches.  This is a great option for those in Toronto looking for just a hair more space in the living room!

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