Sofas in Toronto

Your living room or family room is typically where you spend most of your leisure time. And the focal point of your living room, the thing you build your whole room around usually, is the sofa. Your sofa can be an investment and you’ll want to choose it well. We can help.

A very popular choice is a sectional which is, obviously, a sofa that comes in many sections. You can generally move the sections around to your own preference and, specifically, for the size and shape of the room. These are very versatile and you can change the look of the room frequently, without buying any new furniture. They have a contemporary look that can modernize the whole room, giving it a fresh look. Don’t forget, though, that a sectional will dominate the room. Take your measuring tape and make sure this is going to fit.

Going to the other extreme, an extremely formal type of sofa is a Chesterfield. A Chesterfield is a sofa known for its quilted or tufted style on the back and arms or sometimes on the seating section. This style remains very popular in Canada and Toronto especially has many stores where a large selection can be found.

Another popular sofa known for its comfort is the Lawson-style sofa. The Lawson-style is known for having pillows across the back that are unconnected to the sofa frame. These come in many fabrics and colors and they can fit in with almost any décor.

Another very stylish option is the mid-century modern. With its clean lines and minimalist design, the mid-century style can be very a very appealing one. Though there are many accessories that are made in this style, it is somewhat persnickety, and not for everyone.

The English style sofa is one growing in popularity, especially in Canada. The English style is characterized by rolled arms that sit low—sometimes so low as to appear to be an armless sofa; and a deep, cushioned seat. These will add a comfortable, soft, casual look to your room.

The Bridgewater design is one in which the arms are rolled to the side and lower than the back. These have been waning in popularity for the past few years, but they are worth considering for their quiet comfort and traditional look.

Each of these styles can be updated and labeled as contemporary, such as a contemporary Chesterfield, which will marry the best and traditional qualities of the type with a more modern look. You can even buy contemporary mid-century modern, which seems to almost contradict itself. However, this style takes the clean lines and minimalist look of the mid-century modern and updates it to match with the new styles as well.

All of this information may be confusing. Your best bet is to have a basic idea of what you like and go look in a furniture store (like Decorium, Stylegarage, or Pottery Barn, all located in Toronto) and talk to a salesperson. They will be able to help you find a sofa that is perfect for you.

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